The climate of Indonesia is almost entirely tropical. When you land anywhere in the country, first you’ll fee the gush of warm air. Then the humidity will most likely get you. There are two seasons here: rainy and dry, both quite relative.

In most of the country (Bali and Java included), the dry season runs between April and October; the rainy season run between November and March.

Best time to visit

Plan to visit the country during the dry season, but keep in mind that during local holidays it’s hard to find accommodation and the roads can easily get clogged.

What clothes to pack?

When you pack for a vacation in Indonesia, bring light clothing made of natural fabric. Also don’t forget the rainwear. If traveling in Muslim areas, women must know the dress code required there.


Air temperature changes little from season to season, but at higher elevations the temperatures drop. In Bali the average high temperature, recorded from October to May is 30C, while during the rest of the year it varies between 28C and 29C. The average low temperature varies between 24C and 25C, during the entire year.

In Jakarta, between April and November, the average high temperature is 31C, while during the rest of year it averages between 28C and 30C. The average low temperature, during the entire year, averages between 23C and 24C.

Generally speaking, on the coast planes, the average temperature year round is 28C; it drops to 26C in the cities and in the mountains; while in the higher mountains it averages 23C.


It’s not the temperature that gets the best of the travelers, it’s the humidity. It typically averages between 70% and 90%. The monsoon causes the rain fall during the rainy season (November to March).