5 of the Best Nightclubs in Kuta, Bali

Kuta, Bali is often known as a lively tourist destination for many around the world. There is always something exciting happening on the island, especially at night. Although Kuta is known as the best place for travelers to experience the area, nightclubs usually are centred on travelling backpackers. Even so they still have something to offer everyone. Holiday goers can find nightclubs with quiet and intimate setting, upscale bars and dining, or nightclubs centred on fun and entertainment. Once you’ve booked your Bali holiday, check out the following nightclubs for a night on the town!

M-Bar-Go Centred on Fun

Travelers going for a visit to Kuta will feel welcomed at the M-Bar-Go when they want a night that is centred on hip hop music and dancing. The M-Bar-Go features a huge bar space and relaxing area for fun with friends. It often features classic fashion shows, such as “beach couture” and more. The nightclub offers two floors and often features international models, suitable visual performances and a Plasma TV. M-Bar-Go also offers a VIP lounge area.

Mengwi Temple, Monkey Forest & Tanah Lot Tour

On this trip you will experience some history, spiritual customs, food and architecture. The excursion into the countryside is well-liked by many tourists. It involves walking through the magnificently terraced rice fields and tasting a sampling of traditional Balinese food of sweet potato and fried tapioca. Other attractions include the beautiful 16th century Royal Taman Ayun Temple of Mengwi that is surrounded by a moat and the hallowed Monkey Forest where you will see hundreds of monkeys in their natural habitat. Visiting the picturesque Sunset Temple at the famous Tanah Lot off Bali’s west coast is also a treat.

At Home at Mannekepisr

You can truly get a taste of Europe, Bali style, by visiting the Mannekepis Bar & Bistro that is centre to the Kuta area. Mannekepis offers a refreshing twist on the European brown café scene. The bar and bistro is centred on Belgian specialties, including fried streak, chips and salad. This club features the best in jazz and blues music. It offers travellers valet parking and a relax setting that includes and aquarium with rare fish.

Mixwell Exuberance

Mixwell is a centre place for those that want nothing but exuberant fun and entertainment all night long. The club is a favourite among tourists, backpackers, and expats. It is a gay-friendly establishment that usually features dancing, plenty of live musical’s and drag shows. With a good-natured atmosphere, Mixwell offers traditional disco, house favourites and chart toppers.

The Luxury of Bacio

Bacio is centred on luxury entertainment and features the best in cocktails, wine, and gourmet dining. It is located right of the oceanfront of the centre Blue Ocean Beach. Besides a favourite catwalk, the upstairs lounge area features VIP guests and retractable skylighting. It offers the ultimate experience in luxury and classy atmosphere, and often features fashion shows and other lively celebrations. Bacio is a favorite among the most affluent tourist, expats and residents that enjoy the festive lifestyle and atmosphere at night in Bali.

The Casual Sky Garden

Located in the middle of the Kuta area, the Sky Garden is one of the most frequented nightclubs for backpackers and tourists. It includes three stylish floors for lounging dancing and relaxing. It is also one of the best places for casual meals. Backpackers love the Sky Garden because it offers suitably priced cocktails and nice views of the Kuta and Bali area. For a spectacular and most suitable experience, the Sky Garden offers a lookout bar on the roof of the establishment. Travellers can experience both local and international DJ’s at the nightclub.

What’s your favorite bar in Kuta?

Photo by: CillianStorm