You Are Dumb Travelling Without Insurance

The title speaks for itself. If you can afford to travel, not only to Indonesia but anywhere in the world, then you can afford travel insurance. You would be stunned at the statistics of people that travel to Bali or the rest of Indonesia in fact that are not covered by travel insurance.

I have heard people say “It’s cool, it won’t happen to me”, and, “I’m a healthy person, I don’t need that shit”. I could go on with countless things people have said to me on my travels over the years when the subject of insurance arises.

The simple matter of the truth is that ACCIDENTS HAPPEN, and people get sick from various maladies. On my journeys, I have broken a leg, twice broken bones in my foot, had a Malaria scare in Semarang, and copped a fair dose of the dreaded ‘Belly’ on several occasions, of course all not at the same time!. And yes, I was insured.

Your body is precious, so insure the bloody thing when you travel!. You most definitely don’t want to end up in a ‘C’ class hospital or be laid-up in your losmen or hotel room for the duration of your visit, moaning and throwing up.

It’s not only your body that’s worth insuring. What about your luggage and other valuables?. Take out insurance. There are heaps of companies to choose from but make sure you are well-covered.