Tracking Missing Timber: Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia

As an environmentalist, I am naturally concerned about the depleting forests in Indonesia. Moreover, what concerns me more is the corrupt activities of certain agencies that tend to ‘appropriate’ timber seized from illegal logging.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all that ‘appropriated’ money was given to the poor or utilised for a community project. Yeah, dream on Barrie!.

Activists track missing timber

Environmental groups in Jambi are attempting to track down 34,971 cubic meters of timber that was seized by Jambi Police in June.

It was reported the timber, which was seized in Muarojambi regency, had been auctioned off in December 2005, but the volume of timber sold was unclear.

Environmentalist Agus Purnomo Hawe said the disappearance of 32,732 cubic meters of timber — equivalent to 19,305 logs — had caused an estimated Rp 19 billion (US$2.1 million) in state losses.

“Jambi Police Headquarters had only auctioned off 2,248 cubic meters of timber — equivalent to 1,547 logs — in December 2005,” Agus said.

He said it was unlikely that the timber had gotten lost by itself because it was under police guard. “If the timber rotted away, please show us the proof,” he said.

Member of Commission I of the Jambi legislature Mirza Ansyori said his office would follow up on the issue.

Source – JP