Toba – A Super-Volcano: Sumatra

Lake Toba is the mythical homeland of the Batak People, and is the largest lake in Southeast Asia as well as one of the deepest in the world. Its shoreline is pine-covered beaches with slopes and steep cliffs. In the middle of the lake is the tourist mecca of Samosir Island.

The area is famous for its traditional villages, the fascinating Batak culture and Adat houses as well as the stunning beauty of the surrounds. With all this going for it, it seems odd to think that there could possibly be a volatile and highly destructive eruption. And now, Toba has now been labeled a super-volcano with scientists predicting some kind of action occurring in the year 2012. Here is more from the India Daily:

Toba in Sumatra a candidate for super volcano in 2012

The devastating Tusnami was precursor to what is coming in 2012. Toba in Sumatra can explode 100 times more violently than what happened 74,000 years back.

The last super-volcano to erupt was Toba 74,000 years ago in Sumatra. Ten thousand times bigger than Mt St Helens, it created a global catastrophe dramatically affecting life on Earth.

Scientists now find through extrapolation cycle study that the 74,000 years back super volcano in Toba, Sumatra was the warm up for what may be coming in 2012.

Around Toba, increasing harmonic tremors have started after the Tsunami two years back.

It would devastate the planet. Climatologists now know that Toba blasted so much ash and sulphur dioxide into the stratosphere that it blocked out the sun, causing the Earth’s temperature to plummet. Some geneticists now believe that this had a catastrophic effect on human life, possibly reducing the population on Earth to just a few thousand people. Mankind was pushed to the edge of extinction.

Source: India Daily