The Adam Air Fiasco: Indonesia

It has been over a week since the ill-fated Adam Air flight disappeared over Sulawesi. Initial reports were that the plane had crashed into a mountainous jungle region killing all aboard. Then the truth came out.

The Indonesian authorities had to apologise for misinforming, not only the media, but the relatives of those passengers aboard the plane. The search went on scouring the areas of West Sulawesi until, lo and behold, a distress beacon was heard in East Sulawesi. The search was widened.

During all this time, the pilot was reported to have changed course without informing traffic control. No plane anywhere in the world diverts course without consultation from Air Traffic Authority. Then, it was reported the pilot changed course twice. Following all this, it was reported that the plane blew up in mid air.

And now, Indonesian naval ships say they have detected several large metal objects on the seabed in three locations off Sulawesi that might be the wreckage of a jetliner that disappeared one week ago with 102 people on board. A US navy ship, capable of deep ocean surveys, is due to arrive in the area and will be directed to the area where the objects were located.

I truly hope that survivors are found if it is the missing airline. But, no doubt it will be the pilot to blame. It always is in these cases. Nobody wants to take responsibility, not even the airline. What is needed is stricter control over maintenance procedures, improved passenger safety, and more stringent traffic control, but, primarily airlines should take full responsibility if there is a disaster and proven so.