Telogo Putri: Yogyakarta, Central Java

In the cool mountain areas to the north of Yogyakarta, not far from Kaliurang, you will find one of my favourite places in the area – Telogo Putri.

The ascent to the mountains takes you through the outskirts of Yogyakarta where life is less hectic – small villages, each recognized for their own craft, whether it be carving, art or weaving. The trip was made more enjoyable having good company. Anggiok, Candika’s good friend, is an excellent photographer and spent many years photographing Gunung Merapi in its various forms of life.

As Gunung Merapi came in to view, its caldera ringed with soft white clouds and plumes of ashen smoke rising from its centre, the scenery changed. The road narrowed, and to each side the verdant green padi fields glistened in the early morning sun, and, the hills in the distance painted the perfect canvas.

Soon, the higher we climbed, the padi fields gave way to thick, lush jungle. Along the edge of this pristine territory, small hamlets of crudely erected huts grouped here and there. Life here is simple and mostly unaffected by western influence, and the farmers who inhabit these premises go about their daily life without a care in the world, except for the influence of ‘fire mountain’ – Gunung Merapi.

Telogo Putri is well patronized, not only by locals and domestic tourists, but foreign tourists alike. After the paying the obligatory Rp5,000pp and Rp5,000 per vehicle, we descended off the small ridge road and drove into the extensive carpark surrounded by a semi-circle of high, dense trees, and facing them the high and terraced hillside backing onto lush jungle inhabited by numerous troupes of monkeys.


After climbing the stone steps to the first level, a cold drink was in order and we imbibed in such at one of the many warungs situated there.

Telogo Putri serves as a local market and the variety of produce and sweet Javanese delights can be found on the few levels above the warungs. Walking to the rear of these levels we came across the entrance to the stone-paved walkway through the jungle.

As I paid the few thousand Rupiah entrance fee, monkeys chattered and played in the treetops above me. The path takes you through thick jungle and the variety of flora is outstanding.
After an hour of perspiring in the humid jungle we returned one more to the warungs for a refreshing reprise.

As you leave Telogo Putri you will notice a large swimming pool. If you fancy a dip in icy-cold mountain water, it will only cost you a few Rupiah. Telogo Putri is a place that has something for everyone.