Taman Mini Indonesia: Jakarta, Indonesia

To the east of Jakarta central, about 18 klms or a 30 min drive, is located the 300 acre extensive park known as Taman Mini (miniature park).

This cultural area provides visitors with an overall view of all the 33 provinces of the archipelago in the form of traditional houses, handicrafts and clothing.

First opened in 1975, the concept was primarily formed in 1971 by the First Lady, Madame Tien Soeharto.

This massive park offers everything. There is a large lagoon where boating and paddling can be enjoyed, and, even a cable-car traversing overhead.

The park boasts 27 traditional houses from the provinces within the park giving the visitor a glimpse of the way of life, each with its own displays of handicrafts and clothing. I particularly liked the miniature Borobudur, but there are so many other displays on offer that you would need a whole day to enjoy the park in its entirety.

Other activities and attractions include museums, restaurants, a huge bird park and theatres. One of the most amazing attractions is the Keong Mas, or Golden Snail Theatre, with its massive Imax screen.

Getting around is easy. You can hire a bike, drive your own car around the complex, take a monorail, or just simply hop on a shuttle bus to get from place to place.

Taman Mini is open daily from 8am to 5pm.