Pier Needed to Promote Tourism to Krakatoa: Bandar Lampung, Sumatra

A must-see place on anyone’s itinerary as you travel through the archipelago of Indonesia is Mount Krakatoa and Anak Krakatoa. Although all that remains of Mt Krakatoa are a collection of islands, it is Anak Krakatoa that is the major drawcard.

This barren place resembles a wasteland and is still highly active as a volcano, and yet, tourists and scientists flock there daily. Getting there has always been a boat trip from Banten in West Java, but, it appears that there are moves to have a pier and facilities built in Bandar Lampung in order to promote tourism in that area.

If I had the choice of the two as far as getting to Krakatoa, then I would much prefer the voyage from Bandar Lampung. This way, upon your return you can then explore the fascinating regions around the city and afterwards continue on your journey through the beautiful island of Sumatra.

Lampung needs pier for boats going to Mt. Krakatoa

To promote tourism in Lampung province, a pier needs to be built in Bandar Lampung to facilitate transportation of tourists to Mt Krakatoa in the Sunda Strait, a local legislator said here.

“Marine transportation facilities to reach Mt Krakatoa in the Sunda Strait from Bandar Lampung are very poor due to the absence of a pier,” Yandri Nazir of the Democrat Party said.

Tourists wishing to take a close look at the volcano now had to take a boat from Banten or West Java where there were better transportation facilities.

To support its tourism industry, Lampung which is located in the southern part of Sumatra Island, also needed to have cruise ships or boats equipped with adequate safety gear, he said.

Meanwhile, Syaifulah Sesunan, head of the Lampung provincial tourism, investment and cultural promotion office, said Lampung already had a cruise ship to serve tourists wanting to go to the famous volcano but it could not be operated pending the building of a pier.

Mt Krakatoa which is actually the remainder of a bigger volcano is part of a marine sanctuary often visited by tourists and researchers. Beautiful sea gardens are found off the nearby Peucang and Panaitan islands.

Rising straight from the waters of the Sunda Strait, the dormant volcano known locally as “Anak Krakatau” (son of Krakatoa) is a reminder of the volcano`s cataclysmic eruption in August 1883 that was of such a scale that its effects were also felt on the American west coast.

Krakatoa, west of Java, erupted with such fury in 1883 that it reportedly was heard as far away as Bangkok and Australia. It blew the island of Rakata to pieces and killed more than 30,000 people. Some scientists say it was the biggest bang in recorded history.

Anak Krakatau emerged from almost the same spot where its parent once stood and is growing every day. Roughly 1,300 feet high, it is a popular tourist destination.

Source: Antara News