Paragliding in Bogor: West Java, Indonesia

For those who have been to Bogor then you know of its beautiful scenery and cool climate, and friendly people. It has the greatest and elaborate Botanical Gardens in Indonesia which have a myriad of species of trees and plants.

But, for some unknown reason the Municipal Tourism Agency has decided it wants to boost tourism and a good way to start is by introducing the availability of Paragliding.

Bogor fancies up-and-away tourism
Theresia Sufa, Bogor

The Bogor administration has announced its plan to offer paragliding instruction and flights to boost its tourist industry.

The municipal tourism agency said Bogor was the only place in the country where adventure-seekers could go on paragliding flights in tandem with instructors.

“However, we can’t do much to develop and promote the tourist industry because our primary focus is municipal revenue,” agency official Arry Sunardi said.

He said the Bogor Legislative Council had resisted the agency’s plan to promote eco-tourism.

Arry said the council had argued that offering activities like paragliding or rafting was a waste of money.

The tourism sector is expected to contribute Rp 300 million yearly to the city’s budget.

Arry said the tax gained from tourism was Rp 17 billion a year, which was only enough to maintain the existing tourist sites.
“If we develop the sector, more money will come,” he said.

Council member Suprianto said the administration did not seem serious about getting the industry in shape.

“Its tourism campaigns are still half-hearted.”

He said the council had proposed that the administration come up with a plan to involve all stakeholders in the development of the tourism sector as one of the city’s leading moneymakers.

Source: Jakarta Post