Museums in Kota Semarang: Central Java, Indonesia

During the times I have spent in Semarang [on several occasions] I enjoyed walking around the city, the best way to get around and besides, it keeps you healthy. At times, however, there is a need to hop in a Becak.

Besides the numerous markets, Chinese temples and tourist objects, I would highly recommend a visit to one of the many museums there. If you are interested in Jamu (traditional herbal medicine), then I suggest you go to the Nyonya Meneer Jamu Factory on Jl. Kaligawe.

Here, you will find upstairs an excellent but relatively small museum housing the life of Nyonya Meneer in the form of old photographs and personal effects. There is also a fabulous display of some of the products that were sold by Nyonya Meneer as well as a fine selection of herbs.

On Jl. Abdulrachman is located the Rongowarsito Museum of History. Open daily from 8am-2pm, this museum houses the chronological history of the province making it the largest museum in Central Java. There is a section on the Independence Struggle, a tremendous and detailed section on the Hindu-Bhuddist Empires, and, what museum would not be seen without the usual array of stone statues and icons.

The Perjuangan Mandala Bhakti Museum is now housed in the old Dutch law court building on Jl. Soegijapranata. And has a fine collection of military artifacts and objects. The museum is open Tuesday-Thursday 8am-2pm, on Friday from 8am-11.30am, and, on Saturday 8am-12.30pm, on Sunday it is open 8am-1pm.

Another museum of interest is the Rekor Indonesia Museum, or, the Indonesian Museum of Records. Located on Jl. Setiabudi and is open daily from 8am-4pm.