MONAS – the National Monument: Jakarta, Indonesia

Situated in the centre of Jakarta city is the National Monument, or, MONAS. It is one of several historical monuments to be found in the city and it was erected on 80 hectares of land in Monas square.

It is a commemoration monument in recognition of the people of Indonesia and their fight against the Dutch.

The marble monument was officially opened to the public on July 12th in 1975 and is 137 metres high and uniquely obelisk in style symbolising fertility. A 14.5 kilogram torch flame plated in 35 kilos of gold sits atop the monument and symbolises the Indonesian people fighting for independence.

Around the monument are facilities for locals and foreign visitors, including parklands sports field fountains and ponds making it a delightful place to visit. There is even a Deer park!. The monument has an elevator which will take you to the top for a spectacular view of Jakarta city.

MONAS is also known by other names and these include Taman Monas, Lapangan Gambir, Lapangan Merdeka and Lapangan Monas.

MONAS is open daily from 9am-4pm.