Kekayon Puppet Museum: Kota Gede, Yogyakarta, Central Java

Located just outside Kota Gede, about 5 klms from Yogyakarta, on Jl. Yogyakarta-Wonosari, the Kekayon Puppet Museum is, without a doubt, Yogyakarta’s finest museum.

Out the front of a collection of buildings is a large Pendopo – a traditional ornate, open-air pavilion wit a low pyramid styled roof. The buildings house the development of puppeteering, and wayang in its many different forms.

There are numerous artifacts seldom used today and one of these is a wayang beber set – a style where a large scroll of paper is used and upon it the movements and events. As the events unfold then the scroll is opened to have a free-flowing story. Similar to the ‘western cartoon paper-flick pad’!.

There is a sejati wayang set (using puppets) that is used for educational purposes and relates events during the past century. Interestingly, there is also a wayang wahyu set and this relates the story of the Nativity.

Besides the above treasures there is also a fine collection of other wayang. So, if you are in Kota Gede buying silverware, then I strongly suggest you check out this fantastic and interesting museum. You won’t be disappointed.