Indonesia in November

November falls during the wet season in Indonesia. An advantage of traveling in November is the low airfare and hotel rates. However, you shouldn’t plan any activities in the nature, as the roads can get quite muddy. Instead, stay in the cities and explore what they have to offer: the shopping malls, the architecture, the museums, bars, restaurants and clubs.


November falls during the wet season, which spans between October and April. Usually, rain comes in tropical downpours, but sometimes it’s possible to rain nonstop for days. So even though it’s not usually a problem to travel in Indonesia during this time of the year , the muddy roads aren’t exactly in good shape for getting around the country.

Some sample temperatures:

Jakarta avg high 31C / avg low 24C
Bandung avg high 27C / avg low 18C
Manado avg high 29C / avg low 23C
Medan avg high 30C / avg low 23C
Semarang avg high 31C / avg low 25C

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Flights and accommodation in Indonesia in October

November falls during the low season , which means you don’t need to worry about finding affordable hotels for you vacation in Indonesia. When it comes to flights , you’ll most likely come to the country via Singapore or Malaysia. Book ahead of time and expect low rates due to the many low cost carriers serving these routes.

What to do

Planning to spend time in the nature is not the best idea in November. The downpours make the roads muddy and that’s not what you want to experience while you plan to hike a volcano or explore a forest. But, if you want to spend some time in the nature, head to the beaches. In between two rain showers, you can catch some nice tan. There are plenty of beaches in the country so it’s a matter of choosing the right one for you.

November is a good time to explore the cities. In Jakarta, visit the Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park and if it you are caught by a rain shower, just visit a museum. In that way, you can learn more about the country you visit and hide from the rain. Another option is spending the time in one of the Shopping Malls. You can look for bargains or you can try your bowling skills.

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Regardless of which area of Indonesia you plan to visit, don’t forget to try the local food. It’s flavorful, spicy and exotic and even if you had Indonesian food before , it’s not the same as eating it in Indonesia. If you are brave enough, try the durian. The custard-like filling with the latrine smell is an acquired taste. Some people love it and others cannot stand it.

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