Have a taste of Indonesia: weird, unusual fruits and snacks

There are plenty of reasons to visit Indonesia. Many tourists come here for the superb weather and beautiful beaches. Others come to explore the cultural and religious heritage of the islands. And there are also tourists who come here for the food. Or shall we say the weird, unusual, bizarre foods?

If your bucket list includes tasting all of the unusual snacks around the world , then Indonesia should be on your list. Ever heard of the Big Durian? That’s Jakarta, as it has been nicknamed by foreigners. Why? Because here you can taste the durian, a weird fruit smelling like rotten onions. Mmmm, tasty, right?

But wait; there are more weird fruits in SE Asia which you can taste in Indonesia. The Mangosteen is smaller than an apple and is known to be good for the health. And it doesn’t stink, either!

Do not hesitate to try the street food. It surely completes the entire experience. Make sure to choose the most crowded cart. In that way you’ll know the food is always fresh. And don’t be afraid to taste various weird and even bizzare foods. Who knows what you’d like?

Now that you’ve made a list of what you want to do and what foods you want to try, look for hotels around Bali . It is the most popular destination in Indonesia and you shouldn’t miss it.

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