Gunungs Bromo & Semeru Closed to Visitors: Malang, East Java

One of the fantastic places to visit if you are doing an overland trip across Java is Gunung Bromo and watching the sunrise over the caldera. The area is one of Java’s traditional travel destinations.

From the peak of the Gunung Bromo there are simply stunning views, a spectacular panorama stretching for kilometres, and in the distance, the very active Gunung Semeru. The best time to visit this beautiful place is during the dry season between the months of April to November.

But as now both are closed to travellers on a temporary basis because of bad weather and landslides. According to Bromo Tengga Park head Joko Prihatno the decision to temporarily close the park to the public was taken after strong winds damaged a radio antenna used for communication. High winds also uprooted many trees and caused landslides in six areas.

As soon as the dangerous conditions have subsided the national park will be open again to visitors. I’ll keep you notified of this.