Giant Orchid Ready to Bloom: Bogor, West Java

I am a great lover of orchids and have numerous varieties growing in my garden but for the hell of it I couldn’t tell you what their names are!. The perfume from them is delightful and the colours stunning. In the Bogor Botanical Gardens there are literally thousands of them and one large especially.

The first buds of a giant orchid in Bogor Botanical Garden (KBR) are expected to be in full bloom next week, the garden attendant Sugiharti said..

“It will probably be in full bloom next week,” Sugiarti said, adding the flowers used to last for about two months.

She said the giant orchid (Grammatophyllum speciosum), popularly known as tiger orchid because of the motive of its flower, is the largest orchid in the world.

Sugiharti added that the brightly coloured flower of unusual shapes was also known as sugar-cane orchid because its bright yellow flowers with brown and scarlet spots on them could reaches 15 cm long.

Besides, its stalks with 60 to 100 buds on them could reach 2 meters long, she said.

She added that the orchids of this type could grow well in tropical forest in Malaysia, Sumatra, Papua, Kalimantan and West Java.

Source: Antara News