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dancersTraveling in Indonesia tends to be easy on the wallet, which is why it – and Southeast Asia in general – is a popular destination for budget travelers. But even Indonesia has its share of expensive hotels and beach resorts, so even though they might be cheap compared to counterparts in other countries, too many nights in a fancy hotel can break any traveler’s budget. Thankfully, there are hostels in Indonesia as well.

Now, if your impression of a hostel is that it is just for backpackers and college students, let us dispel that myth. While some Indonesia hostels might have an age restriction – and some might even use the words “youth hostel” in the name – hostels these days are a great choice for budget travelers the world over to save money, get to know the local culture and meet like-minded travelers at the same time. If you are looking to save the most money, you can opt for a bed in a dorm-style room and make friends with your 10 new roommates. If you want a bit more of your own space – but still save money over some hotels – most hostels in Indonesia will also offer a limited number of private rooms (some with private bathrooms, too) which you can book and still enjoy the hostel experience. Staying in a hostel can be an especially good option for solo travelers who are looking for a bit of social interaction now and then.

Of course, not every Indonesia hostel will be the same. Some will have a long list of amenities (even free ones) or be right in a city center or near the local attractions – these properties will generally be the more expensive ones because of the extras and proximity. Other hostels will be a bit further from area attractions or keep their amenities to a minimum, thus keeping their prices down. These properties are likely to be less expensive, and can be a welcome choice for travelers on a strict budget. Just remember to factor in any public transportation you will need to take if your hostel is outside of town.

In Indonesia, like many places, budget travelers have more options than just hostels to choose from as well. You may see the words “guest house” used instead of hostels, but definitely do not dismiss these properties without investigating further. They can be like B&Bs without some of the extras – and can sometimes be a cheap option that is a bit more interesting than the local hostels.

The best way to start your Indonesia hostel search is to plug your travel information into the search engine on this page so the computer can tell you which hostels have beds available when you will be traveling.

Indonesia is a vast wonderland of islands with an exotic culture that is still generally accessible to outsiders. We hope you have a great time in Indonesia! For more information to help with your vacation planning, read traveler’s stories about Indonesia and keep up with daily life in this Indonesia Travel Guide.