Cimaja Beach: West Java

Cimaja Beach is synonymous with one thing; surfing. Well, that’s what the expats and Indonesian surfers based in Jakarta. Located in the area of Pelabuhan Ratu, Cimaja Beach is growing in popularity as a surfing mecca in West Java. The surf break here is off a rocky reef and is a consistent break and suited to the south and southwest swells that offer up 6′- 8′ waves. The only drawback really is the cobble-stone and boulder strewn beach. However, surfers get a100-200 metre ride and is suited to those of moderate skills. Cimaja Beach is easily reached from Jakarta in about two and a half hours by car. There is some accommodation available in the form of losmens.

The main surfing season (if you can call it that) is during the dry season from April through to October. During the west season November through to March the surf is not as consistent and you could be disappointed. One matter that is of some importance is that of the colour green. According to the traditions and local custom this colour is forbidden to be worn as it does offend the Javanese spirit-queen Loro Kidul. Believe it or not there have been a lot of deaths over the years of people dismissing this custom!

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