Try Breakfast at the Local Market

I have a penchant for traditional markets and you will find these in every village, town and many in the cities in Indonesia. The majority of traditional markets start at dawn and are usually over by midday, except of course those markets where the majority of vendors sell clothes and the ilk, and household items. Foreign travellers in Indonesia tend to visit these places around mid-morning and by doing so miss out on the magical atmosphere that surrounds these markets. Early in the morning whilst most of them are catching up on a few hours extra sleep or nursing a hangover from that bitter brew from the previous night’s activity when they really should be down at the market where one can buy fresh fruit and imbibe in the culinary delicacies of the city or town you are in. It’s fascinating to watch the locals setting out their piece of canvas on the ground and laying out their fruits, spices and vegetables for sale, and the kaki lima hustling for a good position with their carts. It is also interesting to watch the local patrons of these markets bargain for goods in an effort to get the product at the best price.

Most losmens and hotels offer breakfast with the price of accommodation, but instead of having breakfast where you are staying, head down to your local market for a taste of authentic food cooked fresh or fill your bag with some fresh fruit for the day ahead.