Make Bali Your Gateway to Indonesia

With over 17,500 islands and 33 provinces containing over 230 million people, Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country. Yes most visitors to Indonesia go only to Bali, known for its beautiful beaches, low prices, and relaxed way of life –  as well as for the terrorist bombings of 2002 and 2005. Still, Bali is the first place most travelers to Indonesia visit. If you’re headed to Indonesia, chances are you will book your flights to Bali and will spend at least a few days here.

While there are a few things to avoid in Bali that can make your stay less pleasant – money changers and street hustlers to name two – overall, Bali is safe for tourists and there is a ton to see and do. You can visit the bustling night markets of Bali’s only real city, Denpasar. Or head out of the city for hiking, exploring, surfing and beachgoing.

One of the most popular beach towns, Kuta, has become very touristy and prices have risen accordingly but there are still lots things to do for free in Kuta and all around the island.  If you step away from the more touristy areas, you can still find dirt cheap accommodations, food and activities throughout Bali, though even in popular spots like Kuta, prices are still low compared to Europe and North America.

Bali is just one of the many places to visit in Indonesia. It’s well worth a visit for a few days before exploring elsewhere in the country.

Photo by zsoolt