Booking a Hostel in Indonesia

hostelThere is a seemingly endless variety of things to do and see in Indonesia to keep you entertained and busy, and staying in a hostel is a good idea so you can save money and make your travel money last longer. When you’re trying to book a hostel in Indonesia, however, it can be a daunting task – there’s a seemingly endless number of hostels to choose from, and almost as many hostel booking sites as well.

It can be really helpful to check out several booking sites before choosing an Indonesia hostel, because even though many of the same properties will be listed on different sites, you’re likely to find one that you like best and that will make the process informative, easy and fun. Once you’ve found that site you’ll be able to go straight back there the next time without doing the same comparison shopping.

To help get you going, here are a few links to the hostels in Indonesia on some of the booking websites:

Indonesia hostels from AustraliaHostels