Yogyakarta Artists Exhibition: Yogyakarta, Central Java

As many as 45 local artists are joining a two-week painting exhibition at Posnya Seni Godod gallery in Yogyakarta to celebrate the 62nd Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.

Officially opened by the chairman of the Yogyakarta Seni Nusantara Foundation KPH Wironegoro on Wednesday evening, the Cinta Tanah Air 2007 exhibition is scheduled to run until Sept. 5, 2007, and will present some 90 paintings.

“Amidst decreasing nationalism among Indonesians, this exhibition is expected to help raise the spirit of nationalism in the art community,” said Wironegoro, who is also a son-in-law of Yogyakarta’s Sultan Hamengkubuwono X.

Chairman of the exhibition’s organizing committee, Dewobroto, said the exhibition was also intended to inspire Yogyakarta’s artists.

“By joining the exhibition, hopefully, they (the artists) will be motivated to maintain enthusiasm in producing their works … and contribute to the nation,” he said.

The participating artists include, among others, Dewobroto himself, Godod Sutejo, Ireng Larasati, Hj Ni Made Asri, Ragan W Anoraga, VA Sudiro and Bambang Sri Gunawan.

Godod Sutejo, who is the gallery’s owner, agreed the exhibition was expected to help restore people’s deteriorating love of the nation.

He said his gallery had organized various other events aimed at reviving the spirit of nationalism among Indonesians in general and the art community in particular.

The events include a “joint-painting” activity, which will involve renowned artists such as Joko Pekik and Kartika Affandi.

Sri Wahyuni