Visa on Arrival now available in Palembang: South Sumatra

Great new for travellers wishing to enter Indonesia from South-East Asia as now they can enter through Palembang in south Sumatra at the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin International Airport. Medan in central Sumatra is another entry point but if you want to visit the fascinating areas around southern Sumatra then this is ideal. According to a report in the Jakarta Post, immigration and tourist officers are ready to serve foreign tourists at the airport and the application process takes only minutes before they are free to visit tourist resorts in South Sumatra and other provinces. The airport is the 17th authority to offer VOA to foreign tourists, “and this is the result of long hard work by the former governor”, Rahman said. Visas on arrival can be also obtained at international airports in Denpasar, Medan, Cengkareng, Yogyakarta and Surabaya. South Sumatra is also hosting an international orchid expo attended by tourists from Europe, United States, Japan, Australia and Middle Eastern countries.