Upcoming Jaksa Street Festival: Jakarta, West Java

The annual Jalan Jaksa Festival will be held from Aug. 31 to Sept. 2 along Jl. Jaksa, Central Jakarta. This year’s theme is “What’s Up Jalan Jaksa“.

“We imagine all backpackers will attend the event,” Central Jakarta municipality spokesman Oyong Hanna said.

Jl. Jaksa is known for its popularity with budget tourists.

Oyong said for the second time after last year, the event would be organized by the local Kebon Sirih Youth Group.

Tapanuli (North Sumatra) and Minang (West Sumatra) performers will appear at the festival, which previously featured only Betawi acts.

The administration has set aside 30 booths along the street for tourism, culture and locally manufactured products, while private businesses will take the other 40 booths available.