Tumpek Kandang: Bali

Today in Bali it is Tumpek Kandang. Tumpek Kandang, sometimes called Tumpek Andang, falls five weeks later, on Saturday of Uye, the 22d week of the Pawukon cycle. The name comes from kandang, the Balinese word for the household animal pen, because this is the day to honour domestic animals, especially cows and pigs, which are highly valued by the Balinese.

The cows are washed, kambens, just like those humans wear, are thrown over their backs, and special cone-shaped spirals of coconut leaf are placed on their horns. The pigs are usually just decorated by wrapping a white cloth about their bellies. The animals are given special foods, prayers are offered, and they are sprinkled with rice and holy water.