Trekking in Indonesia

bromo.jpgWithout a doubt, trekking in the islands of the archipelago is the most rewarding experience. You get to view of the exotic landscape of the country together with extraordinary flora and fauna and on your hikes, you often get the chance to meet and assimilate with customs and lifestyle of the indigenous tribes of Indonesia. Treks though jungle terrain, open, paddy fields and through forests, even to climbing one of the numerous volcanoes across the archipelago.

Because the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ runs through Indonesia, experiencing a mountain climb is one never to be forgotten. Trekking near the crater of these volcanoes and gazing out below or in the caldera is quite mesmerising but fulfilling. There are about hundred and twenty volcanoes, some still very active in Indonesia and so the choice is wide and degree of difficulty in climb, varied.

Some of best regions for trekking are in West Java, East Java, Lombok and Bali and the terrain is a panorama of scenic beauty of the countryside as well as alpine forests in which encounters with flora and fauna are stunning experiences. Trekking in the jungle areas of any of the islands will reward you with cultural and historical contact and the two that stand out are those of Sulawesi and Central Java, although Sumatra is my favourite.

If you are not comfortable trekking independently, then there are a number of organizations and agencies who can arrange adventures of most kinds from rafting to mountain climbing and week-long treks.

Here’s a few for you to have a look at: