Traditional Markets to Get Upgrade: Jakarta, West Java

I have always had a penchant for traditional markets wherever I have travelled in the archipelago and can spend literally hours wandering around them and taking to the vendors. Most of the larger cities in Indonesia have numerous markets and Jakarta has some interesting ones. Even when you travel outside of these cities, try and get to the local markets as well.

What I was pleased to read in the Jakarta Post recently was that the traditional markets in Jakarta are getting a facelift. The operator of a large number of traditional markets in the city will redesign several centers in the near future to reduce energy use and operating costs. The new designs will allow the markets to have extensive natural lighting and ventilation and will also minimize building costs. The city administration, through Pasar Jaya, plans to renovate 55 traditional markets during the next two years.

First, the focus will be on markets in Tomang Barat in West Jakarta, Kebayoran Lama in South Jakarta, Sawah Besar in Central Jakarta, Jatinegara in East Jakarta and Anyer Bahari in North Jakarta.

Cipinang Muara traders formed a building committee, took part in construction activities and set the price for stalls at Rp 8 million per meter.