Total Lunar Eclipse in Indonesia

The people in Indonesia will be able to see a total lunar eclipse on Tuesday, August 28, 2007. The Boscha observatory will conduct a joint monitoring and observation of the total lunar eclipse along with of the Bandung Institute of Technology`s Astronomy Department.

“Unlike the previous lunar eclipse, the upcoming lunar eclipse would be total, as the entire moon will pass the earth`s shadow,” said M. Taufik, Head of the Boscha Observatory in Lembang district, as contacted by Antara News from Bandung on Monday.

He said that the total lunar eclipse at the end of this month could be watched by the people in Indonesia from 18:30 West Indonesia Time.

This natural phenomenon could be seen with the naked eye, he added.

“As long as the whether is clear, this natural phenomenon could be seen clearly. Fortunately we are now in a dry season and the weather is often favorable, so that there is a very good chance to see the lunar eclipse,” Taufik said.

He said that the total lunar eclipse would be the second lunar eclipse in Indonesia, with the first one occurring early this year.

“Unlike the previous lunar eclipse during which people had difficulties to see it due to cloudy skies in the rainy season, the next one could be clearly seen in the current drought,” Taufik said.

In the meantime, people wishing to take a picture of this total lunar eclipse can use a single lens reflect (SLR) camera.