The Luxury of Massages: Bali

mini-bali-massage.jpgGetting laid-out half naked and having some gorgeous Balinese lady massage oil into your skin is a fantasy or a dream for a lot of people. In Bali, there are several massage places, in fact dozens of establishments offering all kinds of massage, some expensive and some not so expensive. Of course, if you intend having a massage, then crease your wallet and pay for the best. It’s the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’. Although my Javanese wife is my personal masseur, I have in previous years had massages on the beach along the Kuta beach strip. These sandy beach massages hawked by insistent iron-fingered women can be a tad rough on the body but nonetheless, invigorating. Sian Powell, embarked on a mission to check-out some of these massage places.