The Faces of Yogyakarta: Central Java

Yogyakarta is often referred to as the cultural heart of Indonesia, and its people, the friendliest. A beautiful city, Yogyakarta boasts such amazing attractions as the mighty Borobudur Temple, the Hindu Temple complex of Prambanan, and the Kraton to mention a few. It is a city that leads the way in Batik production, the arts and music. Besides being all the aforementioned, Yogyakarta is one of those places that seems to alluringly mystify visitors ensuring they return again and again. It is a city that is close to my heart and often, as I walk around its streets and gangs, I have always found the people to be accommodating in their hospitality and warmth.

The people of Yogyakarta are obliging in having their photo taken, but always ensure you ask before you go happily clicking away.

\"Resting along Jalan Maliboro\"

\"Outisde the Malioboro Mall\"

\"\"Delicious foods from the kaki lima\"

\"Kids posing at Telogo Putri\"

\"Along Jalan Prawirotoman\"

\"Receptionist at the Mutiara Hotel\"

\"Easy ride along Jalan Mangkubumi\"