The Cuisine of the Sasaks: Lombok

When you travel around the archipelago, each island, or in some cases towns, have their own renowned speciality, that special dish that sets them aside from the others. Lombok, located to the east of Bali and often called the sister-island to it has some beautiful and tasty cuisine. Some of it is transient from Bali and the regular fare you will find in most warungs or restaurants. However, it is the Sasak people whose cuisine I find the most inviting of the two islands. Being Muslims, the Sasak don’t eat pork and so you won’t find any of the Balinese dishes on the island such as babi guling. They do, however, eat meat and goat as well as chicken. Each of these ‘fleshes’ are combined with vegetables and spices producing some mouth-watering dishes.

Beberuk: Raw eggplant and chili sauce

Gule Lemak: Chicken curry

Sayur Nanagka: Young jackfruit curry

Satay Pusat: Minced beef and coconut satay

Olah Olah: Beans in coconut milk

Ayam Taliwang: Fried or grilled chicken with chili sauce

Geroan Ayam: Chicken Liver

Kue Lapis: Rice flour coconut milk and sugar dessert wrapped in a banana leaf.

Cerorot: Rice flour, palm sugar and coconut milk dessert wrapped in a cone shape.

Kelor: A vegetable soup

Pangan: A coconut milk and sugar dessert.

Tumbek: This a is rice flour, coconut milk and palm sugar dessert wrapped in a banana leaf

Bon appetite!

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