Sriwijaya Festival: Palembang, Sumatra

The principal city of South Sumatra is Palembang and is a large metropolis of nearly two million people. But don’t let that deter you. It is a vibrant old city steeped in culture and tradition. Although it started a few days ago, there is still plenty of time to visit the Sriwijaya Festival held each year in Palembang, South Sumatra. The aim of this annual festival is to preserve and promote the ancient culture of the region by bringing history. This is done through a programme of performances, exhibitions and activities. The festival is one that is well worth seeing and also includes events added of a more up-to-date theme like speed boat races on the spectacular Musi River which runs through the centre of the city and is a main transport hub. The week-long festival includes live musical performances, traditional and contemporary arts performances and storytelling from bygone days. The ancient Sumatran Kingdom of Sriwijaya was an important cultural and trade centre during the 13th century and through this festival its historical importance is shown in many forms.

Sriwijaya Festival
Dates: June 16-23
Venue: Palembang, South Sumatra