Soeharto’s Life in the Balance

Love him or hate him, Soeharto was a good President for Indonesia irregardless of his faults. During his regime, Indonesia flourished and became one of the great developing nations in south-east Asia. There was no unemployment, no crime [to speak of] or even religious hatred, nor was terrorist activities or organisations tolerated. Soeharto, 86, was one of the political giants of the 20th century. He ruled the 200 million people of the world’s most populous Muslim nation for 32 years after taking power in a military coup in 1965.

He was admitted to hospital yesterday and now his condition is deemed as critical. Doctors said he needed a new pacemaker and kidney dialysis but people close to the family said there were fears he was too weak to survive the procedure.

If Soeharto does pass on, then he deserves recognition for his achievements.