Sipping the Riches of Indonesia

Without a doubt Indonesia grows and produces some of the best coffee in the world. There are even some of the best coffee bean roasters and small businesses that are renowned throughout the archipelago. I’m not talking about Excelso’s coffee chain because that is an Italian concern but rather the little guy who has his own coffee shop and does everything from growing the beans to roasting and serving. A strong coffee history, and expanding middle and upper classes, have made Indonesia, the world’s fourth largest coffee producer, the next frontier for foreign chains such as Starbucks. There is nothing more satisfying after a good meal than to have a cup of traditional Indonesian ‘kopi‘. The taste and richness is absurdly different to its counterparts such as the Brazillian and American espresso coffees. So in this ever expanding world it’s comforting to know that small home-grown roasters in Indonesia seem to have the right brew to stay in business for decades and they are personal service and fresh, quality beans.