Sanur Village Festival: Bali

Visitors to Bali will be delighted to hear the second Sanur Village Festival (SVF) is scheduled to be held at Inna Grand Bali Beach and Segara Beach hotels from Aug. 15-19.

The festival, bearing the theme “The New Spirit of Heritage“, will feature cultural performances, sports, culinary events and other fun activities.

Domestic and international tourists are invited to enjoy the festival, which will also include painting, bonsai exhibitions, a jazz festival and cultural parade.

During the opening ceremony, a rare and sacred Balinese dance — the Rejang Dewa — will invite the audience to experience the spiritual world of the island. Another dance, Puja Buana, has been specially choreographed for the festival as the short article in the Jakarta Post explains.

Around 120 foreign and local artists will take part in the exhibitions.