Places to Eat in Palembang: Sumatra

What I found in Palembang is that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to places to eat. Rumah Makan are everywhere!. There are some fabulous night markets located on Jl Sayangan and Jalan Letkol Iskander that I would recommend. Apart from that, be adventurous and wander around town, try different places and definitely taste the delicacies of this great city.

Rumah Makan Mahkota Permai
Jl Mesjid Lama 33
Great place to try the signature dishes of Palembang

French Bakery
Jl Kol Atmo 481
Sweet breads and cakes, as well as serving soups and basic foods.

Pondok Selera
Jl Rambutan
Located near the Songket Village. Open-air style eating that serves good fried chicken dishes.

Sari Bundo
Jl Sudirman 1301
Popular place serving Padang food and one of my favourites when I am in town. Inexpensive.

Floating Restaurant
Seberang Illir
Opposite the Palembang Museum, this place serves excellent Palembang food.

Seletan Indah
Jl Letkol Iskander 434
Chinese food. Good value for money.

Rumah Makan Sri Melayu
Jl Demang Lebar Daun
Probably the best place in town to taste authentic Pelembangese food.

Jl Sudirman 906
Serves traditional and inexpensive Indonesian food. Good value for your dollar.

Naturally there are a hundred more places, so to speak, as well as all the great food available from the street carts or kaki lima. When eating in Sumatra, check out where most of the locals are eating and this will probably guarantee you a fairly safe place. As for me, I prefer the street food!.