Paintball Bali

mini-pak-paintball.jpgGuns and I just don’t mix. Besides disliking violence of any kind, I will never understand why anyone could even hunt animals or simply collect guns for pleasure. I’m not talking about killing people or animals here but rather the craze of Paintball. This game has captured the imagination of the world and people of all ages take part in these games where two opposing teams compete using CO2 Paintball makers and go around trying to eliminate the opposing team members. Basically, Paintball is an exciting version of “capture the flag”. The game is won by successfully returning the centre flag to your team’s flag station. And the paintball, well, it’s a gelatine shelled capsule, will simply splatter on impact. Seems like fun to me but it’s the idea of carrying a weapon that I don’t like. However, each to his own.

As the Paintball Bali website says, paintball is an unforgettable adventure sport while enhancing your leadership qualities and self-confidence? Look no further; because you have found the sport … it’s called Paintball … and you have found the place … it’s called Paintball Bali! Come in to our World Class facility and you will discover a fun way to feed your adrenaline hunger while developing valuable strategy skills that is useful in everyday life. Paintball Bali stocks all the latest imported equipment from the US for our client’s full satisfaction. The facility is complemented by our expert staff to insure and exciting and pleasurable visit. Come explore our 3-hectare compound and experience an Adventure Sport like no other on the Island, in a facility like no other in the World.

Just about anyone can play. You don’t have to be an adrenalin junkie or “Rambo” type character to play. There are all types of players in Paintball and it is not just a man’s sport either. Women can, and do, play equally and frequently better than men. You must be 10 years or older to play. If you enjoy lots of action and making new friends, come to Paintball Bali for an exciting day of adventure.

At Paintball Bali, the games are played in a park-like atmosphere on 3 separate independently themed courses. All games are controlled by our experienced referees to insure players safety and fair play. All the amenities, equipment and supplies are on site for a complete day and package of fun and excitement. Just be sure to wear some comfortable shoes (running or athletic type) and clothes (shorts & t-shirt best).

To lessen your wait time when you visit the park, please click here for the mandatory Waiver and Release of Liability Form that has to be signed by each player before being allowed to play.

Open: Monday – Sunday from 09.00am to 09.00pm.

Morning games start at 09.00am

Afternoon games start at 03.00pm

Night games start at 06.00pm

Pick-up time: 1 hour before play time.