Pagerwesi: Bali

Today in Bali is Pagerwesi, the day when Balinese fortify the space around themselves to ward off evil spirits. Literally interpreted means ‘iron fence’. It is a day when man should fortify the space around himself to fend off evil spirits – the continuous battle between good and evil.

Pagerwesi is a day of offerings requesting spiritual strength when confronting the life-cycles of suffering and worldly fulfilment. It is also a day of offerings for the protection of the village and families and the world around them. On this day, villagers take offerings to cemeteries for the uncremated dead. As on the day Galungan, on the day of Pagerwesi ‘penjors’ are raised which makes it a day as almost as important as Galungan. You will find this ceremony almost strictly observed in the regency of Buleleng – the northern regions of Bali.