Owa Jawa Monkeys Return to Forest

The Cikananga Animal Rescue Center in Sukabumi turned over six Owa Jawa monkeys (Hylobates moloch) for rehabilitation before their release back to the forest. The endangered monkeys were brought to the Owa Jawa Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, at the Bedogol resort in Bogor’s Gede Pangrango Mountain National Park.

Owa Jawa monkeys, which are endemic to Java island, can only be found in certain areas of West Java. Their population has fallen drastically as a result of illegal poaching and dwindling habitat according to Theresia Sufa.

Animal rescue center spokesman Budiharto said they had a total of 14 Owa Jawa monkeys confiscated from or voluntarily handed in by pet owners in Greater Jakarta and West Java.

“We will gradually bring the other eight monkeys to the center for rehabilitation in the next few months,” he said.

On Tuesday, the animal rescue center brought three female monkeys to the rehabilitation center. They were six-year-old Kiky and 10-year-olds Mell and Eci, who is about one-month pregnant. The male monkeys are named Sadewa, Pooh and Septa, all age seven.

Rehabilitation center manager Anton Ario said the monkeys would need about a month of rehabilitation before being returned to the forest.

“The main problem we have here is the lack of funds for the monkeys’ health checks and food …. We encourage people to adopt Owa Jawa, not as pets, but to help them survive during rehabilitation,” he said.