Organic Supermarkets: Jakarta, West Java

A new supermarket was introduced in the capital recently, promising to provide organic products at an affordable price. The supermarket, located at Kelapa Gading Mall in North Jakarta, stocks everything from vegetables to spices.

Farmers Market will target its low-price organic products at customers from all walks of life, the supermarket’s chief operations officer Meshvara Kanjaya told the Jakarta Post.

Meshvara said in order to compete with other supermarkets, Farmers Market also stocked seasonal, rare products such as raspberries and pearl grapes.

Ranch Market, a supermarket which also specializes in organic produce, has been popular among a certain section of the population since 1997, offering fresh and high-quality organic products.

Meshvara said despite the higher price tag on these items, many residents and expatriates shopped at Ranch Market as they considered its produce nutritious and safer to consume.

She said Farmers Market was based on a similar concept but sold its produce, which is all locally sourced, at a lower price.