New Airline Regulations Laws Now in Effect

If I received a dollar for every time I was delayed because my flight was late on arrival at an airport or leaving an airport then I would have enough money for several domestic flights. It has happened countless times. Besides the international flights it has occurred frequently on domestic flights in Indonesia also. Travellers can now take heart as the new rules and regulations are now in effect to protect us from unnecessary inconvenience. These laws have been a long time coming and are gladly welcomed by all of us who use domestic airlines in Indonesia.

Here’s more from the Bali Discovery:

The Indonesian government is introducing a number new rules and regulations that should make the Republic’s airways safer and more user-friendly for the general public. Among the changes now in place for Indonesian aviation:

Indonesian airlines that experience fatal accidents twice within a single year can have their directors or corporate officers connected with air safety and security made persona non grata, preventing their future employment within the Indonesian aviation industry.

Airlines that fail to terminate directors or safety personnel when directed to do so by the Indonesian Civil Aviation Authority can have their operating permit “frozen” by the Government.

The Government are creating more stringent “establishment” rules and experience qualifications for those wishing to launch an Indonesian airline.

Indonesian airlines are now required to provide compensation to passengers when they fail to keep to their published schedules. Airlines whose flights leave between 30-90 minutes behind schedule are now required to provide passengers with light refreshments. Passengers delayed between 90-180 minutes are entitled to an airline sponsored meal or transfer to alternative flights operated by the carrier or competing carriers. Delays of more than 3 hours or 180 minutes compel the airline to offer accommodation to their stranded passengers.

Source: Bali Discovery