National Film Month: Jakarta, West Java

The National Film Month (BFN) event has returned, organized by the Jakarta Arts Council Kineforum. This will last for the entire month of March in order to welcome National Film Day on March 30. The theme is a follow-up to the previous theme in 2007, which was “History is Now”. Although it has a similar same theme, the BFN has selected different kinds of movies. The BFN expects people to realize that Sinematek Indonesia is the only movie archive that is filled with Indonesian history.

This year, there will be classical and contemporary films, and films starring Suzanna will open the event. According to Lisabona Rahman, the manager of Kineforum program, these films are aimed at showing another side of Suzanna.

“Up until now, Suzanna has been known as a star of horror films while she actually has something else unique in herself.” she said.

People can see the unique side of Suzanna in the film, Asmara Dara, which won her a prize as best child artist according to Aguslia Hidayah of Tempo. Other films starring Suzanna to be shown are Darah dan Doa, Sundel Bolong, and Nyi Blorong.

Movies with Yogyakarta as the setting have also been selected for this event. These include Enam Djam di Djogdja, Cintaku di Kampus Biru, and Anne Van Jogja.

These movies that are set in the city known as the City of Students have been chosen because the city is a favorite with film makers.

BFN will also show uncensored Indonesian films.

“This is to look back the development of guidelines used by the institution to control creativity,” said film director Riri Riza.

In addition to films being shown, there will be book launching of a bilingual catalog book “Film Indonesia 2008” by JB Kristanto and a book by Prima Rusdi about movie workers.

There will also be a photo exhibition on cinema history, music discussion, and mini concert for film soundtracks.