Mangroves Important to Indonesia

mini-img_5520.jpgAccording to experts, mangroves are not getting the attention they deserve as a protective coastal barrier as mangroves are a natural way to lessen the severity of the impact (of climate change) to coastal communities. They are natural sea barriers, and they are also much cheaper then building sea walls made of concrete. And, in a further report out of the Climate Change Conference Papua wants to preserve part of its rainforest in exchange for cash to help the world slow global warming.They (the Papuan Government) have decided to set aside a large part of our conversion forests to save the planet. Conversion forests are earmarked for clearance for palm oil or pulp plantations. Deforestation accounts for about 20 percent of all man-made carbon emissions blamed for global warming — trees soak up carbon when they grow and release it when they rot or burn.