Local Poet Sunarta to Launch Anthology: Bali

Award-winning Balinese poet I Wayan Jengki Sunarta will launch his second poetry anthology, Impian Usai (Dream Ends), on Sep. 22 at the Togamas bookshop on Jl. Hayam Wuruk, Denpasar. Published by Kubu Sastra, the anthology comprises 99 poems written in the period between 1992 and 2006.

“In that period I wrote over 300 poems, yet, after a brutal examination, I have deemed only 99 of them worthy of publication,” Sunarta said.

The 32-year-old Sunarta started writing poetry in the 1990s. In 2002 he received the Krakatau Award from the Lampung Art Council. His first poetry anthology was published in 2005.

He is also a prolific short story writer and has penned two short story collections, Cakra Punarbhawa (Cycle of Rebirth) in 2005 and Purnama di Atas Pura (Full Moon Over the Temple) in 2005 as the Jakarta Post reported.