Java Rock Parade: Jakarta , West Java

The Java Jazz Festival has gained its foothold as the biggest musical event in the capital. Now rockers will get the chance to “regain” their glory with the Jakarta Rock Parade, a three-day rock festival that will gather rock stars from different generations. The festival, which, like the Java Jazz, will involve multiple stages, will be held on July 11-13 at the Senayan Tennis Indoor stadium.

“It is part of our appreciation of Indonesian rock music, which once dominated the country’s music scene. This is also to promote Indonesia as one of the biggest rock centers in Asia,” the event’s organizer, Jimmy Johansyah, said.

More than 60 local rock bands from various rock sub-genres, ranging from classic acts like Roxx, Flowers, Voodoo and Gang Pegangsaan to alternative acts like Rumah Sakit, The Upstairs and Efek Rumah Kaca, have confirmed their participation. Metal bands such as Getah and Koil are also on the list Ary Hermawan of the Jakarta Post.

Andy Tielman, a member of the Indonesian legendary rock band Tielman Brothers, who made their recordings and gained popularity in Europe in the 1960s, will make a special appearance at the event.

“The rock community will have a nostalgic moment with the Tielman Brothers, one of the world’s legendary bands from Indonesia. Andy Tielman was one of the world’s best guitarists,” Jimmy said.

A number of international rock bands, such as Yeah Yeah Yeah, BMX Bandits and many others, he added, would also take part in the parade.

“We are still waiting for confirmation from some other bands,” he said.

The parade will also present a new local band, Rock Chamber, which will perform rock tracks accompanied by a classical music ensemble. Jimmy said he was trying to get Discus, one of the country’s most progressive rock bands, to join the festival.

He said that even though it was a rock festival, the organizer would try to make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible.

“Our targeted visitors vary from seniors to teenagers, as we will present bands from the 60s, the 70s, the 80s, the 90s and the 2000s,” he said.

Besides concerts, there will also be exhibitions and a “rock clinic”, where top musicians will share their skills and knowledge with visitors.

Jimmy said it would be the biggest rock festival ever held in the country.

“We hope to hold this (festival) annually,” he said, adding it would serve as an alternative to the more prevalent jazz festivals in the capital.