Interesting Discoveries: Bali

I read quite an interesting letter in the Jakarta Post yesterday about a Jakartan’s view on the island. Here’s the letter:

Interesting Discoveries in Bali

During the recent Galungan festivities (marking the victory of virtues against evils) in Bali at the beginning of July, I made some interesting surprise discoveries about the famous island paradise. The monkeys are still fond of grabbing visitors of their belongings in the monkey forests in Ubud as well as in Sangeh.

It seems not long ago that tourists could find an entire village where attractive girls were allowed to walk around topless without risking police arrest. Try it today, the military may interfere!

Then there is a change in the behavior of some people on the island, coming from outside the community. There was a time there that you could drop some money on the street and nobody would think of taking it. Instead, the finder would look for the owner.

People were afraid of stealing for religious reasons. So corruption was against tradition. But reports of street muggings and car thefts now appear frequently.

In spite of the deadly terrorist attacks in Kuta that killed many innocent people, including many foreign tourists, Bali is now drawing more visitors.

It may be because the festivities and the offerings to the gods are continuing throughout the year, like the creation of new artworks and dances.

Museums of foreign painters like Le Mayeur and Antonio Blankco, who married Balinese beauties, also have become main tourist attractions.

But to me personally the big surprise was that I could get The Jakarta Post much earlier in the morning than before, but in spite of the official price of Rp 5,000, I had to pay the street price of Rp 25,000 a copy.

I was told by the shop owner in Ubud that the Post is now printed in Bali by remote printing. “And you can get it earlier than Kompas daily,” he added with a smile.

Find it for yourself to experience new surprise discoveries in Bali.