Greenpeace Camp in Monas Park: Jakarta, West Java

mini-monas-park-jkt.jpgGreenpeace launched the Forest Defenders Camp Satellite Station (FDCSS) at Monas Park in Jakarta yesterday. The FDCSS will showcase the beauty and destruction of the pristine rain forests of Indonesia, highlighting their impacts on biodiversity and climate in an exhibit of photos, cultural performances, lectures and short films. The event will disseminate information compiled by Greenpeace’s Forest Defenders Camp in Riau, stationed near a peatland forest cleared for palm oil plantations, and support the organization’s campaign to include deforestation talks in the next phase of the Kyoto agreement.

With support from the Jakarta administration, the event will feature local artists and musicians from Nov. 3 to 11.

Visitors will get an opportunity to send messages of support to Greenpeace volunteers and the community of Kuala Cenaku in Riau, and to sign up to send environmental messages to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Forestry Minister MS Kaban as the article in the Jakarta Post explained.