Ferry fares to Rise on Jan. 1 in Indonesia

It always happens when a new year starts, everything increases in price. It seems to be a norm, not only in Indonesia, but also around the world. Ferry fares are on the increase and no doubt bus, train and airfares will be on the rise soon. It also means that the cost of entry into tourist sites (Obyek Wisata) will rise no doubt.

Antara reports that the government will increase inter-provincial ferry fares by an average of 4.46 percent starting Jan. 1 next year.

The new fares will apply for the 18 ferry routes with the smallest increase being on the Balikpapan-Taipa route (0.24 percent), and the biggest on the Gorontalo-Wakai route (18.13 percent).

Among the routes affected are Ketapang-Gilimanuk, where the fare will increase by 10.94 percent from Rp 640 to Rp 710; Merak-Bakauhuni (11.03 percent from Rp 453 to Rp 503); and Padangbai-Lembar (10.42 percent from Rp 568 to Rp 627).

Also, starting next year, insurance premiums will also be increased from Rp 440 per passenger to Rp 770. This means the compensation for death in an accident while using a ferry will rise significantly to Rp 50 million (around US$5,400) from the current Rp 30 million.

Bus and truck drivers have no choice but to use ferry services to cross the Sunda strait from Java to Sumatra which means the Merak-Bakauheni ferry fares also increase.

Here’s a sample of the rises:

Type Vehicle New fare Old fare

I Motorcycle (small) Rp 17,000 Rp 16,000
II Motorcycle (large) Rp 27,000 Rp 23,000
III Car Rp 72,000 Rp 70,000
III Minibus (commercial) Rp 180,000 Rp 160,000
IV Small truck Rp 165,000 Rp 155,000
V Bus (medium) Rp 350,000 Rp 332,000
V Truck (medium) Rp 290,000 Rp 242,000
VI Bus (large) Rp 585,000 Rp 522,000
VI Truck (large) Rp 405,000 Rp 343,000
VII Container (medium) Rp 640,000 Rp 610,000
VIII Container (large) Rp 950,000 Rp 810,000