Erizal’s Lines Project Exhibition: Jakarta, West Java

Images of apples, grapes, skies and horses dominate Erizal’s artwork, now on display at the Koong Gallery at The Darmawangsa Square, South Jakarta. Those objects are connected lavishly by lines. Erizal has 30 paintings in the exhibition appropriately called Lines Project.

“I used to draw surreal pictures. I have focused on lines since 2003. I savor the brushes of lines,” Erizal said on the sidelines of the opening ceremony on Sept. 28.

The 28-year-old from Padang, West Sumatra, associates grapes with wine which he says is delectable, but intoxicating.

“Wine is akin to worldly temptation. The sky represents height. It’s about our dream and fantasy,” Erizal, who resides in Yogyakarta, said.

Puncak (peak), Pesona Anggur (grape delicacy), Intan (pearl), Tergoda di Awan (tempted in the sky), Flying in Blue Dream and Harmony all carry images of apples or grapes adorned with the white of the sky.

For those who love brightness, Erizal’s artwork could be a likely choice.

“Erizal’s newest works further showcase the development of his comprehension of the potential strength of lines,” exhibition curator Rizki A. Zaenal writes in the exhibition catalog.

“The strength of lines in his works indeed functions as a tool to formulate the variety of ideas and thoughts,” Rizki adds.

The event is the first solo exhibition ever hosted by the Koong Gallery which opened last month.

“The artwork must be appealing. Financial aspect is indeed part of our consideration when exhibiting the artwork but the most significant element is that the artwork carry the true value of art,” Handra from the gallery said.

Lines Project an exhibition by Erizal AS
Koong Gallery
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Jl. Darmawangsa, South Jakarta
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